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SL Sunrise

 first light over the Wasatch Front

With tens of thousands of images in our files, we have a legacy of photographs from Lake Ontario, the Great Salt Lake, and in the future, Lake Pleasant which we will be providing access to on this website. Reproduction quality prints and digital copies of these images are available by contacting us for for prints / framed or just printed, with digital copies available.

To facilitate the rapid loading of the images to this website, the original images have been dithered to optimize the loading process, and are not indicative of the final quality that is expected to be achieved.

We have Photoshop facilities to assist in image enhancement, and a high speed network to facilitate digital delivery of the images globally.

Recent Pictures

These are some of our latest pictures, taken over the last 90 days


Image Library

Picked from our negative files, many of these are digitized images from the Great Salt Lake, Utah, with many new pictures to be added from upcoming events


Racing Coverage

One of the benefits of being the committee boat at numerous races is to be in the best position for the most exciting action on the lake. Having done that for decades, we welcome the opportunity to participate in that way in the future, and are also will to lend a hand on a winch, while we take pictures of your crews in action. USCG certified, .... will bring beer for the skipper !


Some of our award winning photographs are posted here.

To have us create your own memories, please contact us at sails@mediamovers.com or call 480.282.4228


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